How Control Your Anger To Master Your Self-Development

Why manage my anger?

Control your AngerLet’s admit it! No matter how calm or patient you think you are, there is and there will always be a time that you will lose your temper and be at rage, which I am sure you don’t like to happen. One thing with anger is the fact that it changes the person as a whole in the quickest way possible. Often times when we are angry, we tend to say and do things that we usually regret when we are not angry anymore. In addition to this, anger is a great destroyer of even the bests known relationships.

So what shall we do now? Though it is true that it is impossible to completely avoid being angry, it is also a fact that anger is controllable. Once we learn how to stay calm and control our anger, we will be able to diminish the harm that our ranging emotions has and is capable of doing.

Learning Anger Management

Controlling your anger is never an easy task, it might be easier to shut the gates of Hades than to tame your furry. No one said Anger Management would be easy, but it will be all worth it. On that note, we have listed some tips on how you will be able to somehow help yourself to be calm and control your anger especially when faced with despicable situations. We deem this topic as of high important since we believe that controlling your anger will also mean saving you from heartaches and regret later on.

Tip #1. Do the first person approach

The main reason why we often get angry with another individual is the fact that we believe we had given something and received nothing in return. It is noticeable that angry people always use the pronoun “You” when they are angry, stating something that the other person should have or shouldn’t done that causes the other person to be defensive and thus ignites a heaping coal of hot heads discussing over sometimes which is most often insignificant.

In contrast we this, instead of using the pronoun “You”, use the pronoun ” We” . By doing so, it will sound that you are now including yourself to the blame ,thus avoid an argument that would really make you angry because of defensiveness and stirred emotions and fury.

Tip #2. Master your state

State management is very important. If you want to change your life, you must be a master of your emotional state. If you have been to any of Tony Robbins seminars, you will know how much Tony Robbins emphasizes on controlling the state that we are in. It’s everything.

Tip #3. Take a deep breath to clear your mind

When we are angry we often say and do things that we regret at the end of the day. This is because when we are angry we lose control of ourselves, especially our mouth, and say or do everything that we may think of at that exact moment. The best way to refrain from regret brought by this event is to pause for a minute, take a deep breath, clear your mind first , only then should you speak so you have lesser possibilities of regretting your actions. Always remember that your anger will never be the remedy for anything, it will only make it worse.

Tip #4. No to argument, Yes to solutions

One of the reasons why fights are prolonged is the fact that couples usually quarrel unendingly without yielding for any solution to the root cause of their discussion. This will just heap your anger as the fight continues. The best way to do in these situations is to look for solutions, inculcate an objective way of dealing with your issues so both your problems and anger will not be frequent.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways on how you will be able to stay calm and manage your anger. It is up to you now on how eager and serious you would be on achieving your goal to be a better, self-controlled individual.